Your Body pH Level Matters!!!

Dr. Otto Warburg said it best.

“NO disease including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment”

The question is: How to raise your body pH level from one is acidic to one is slightly alkaline in a fast and effective way?

PHLOBALANCE® is the answer.

It is an innovative, patent pending, herbal compound invented by Yin Bong Cheng, L.Ac., M.S.  It has been used in clinic by patients for many years.

When your body pH is in slightly alkaline condition, it invigorates body vitality and mental strength, improves memory and cognitive ability, and alleviates many syndromes like fatigue, heartburn, acid reflux, weak limbs, and shortness of breath, calcium deficiency, insomnia, frequent urination and poor circulation.

Alkaline diet of vegetables and fruits and alkaline water are not successful on raising body pH to alkaline because they are destroyed or neutralize by stomach acid.  On the contrary,  PHLOBALANCE® can withstand stomach acid and be absorbed by intestines.  It produces fast and effective result.

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