Most Americans have an acidic lifestyle and diet. Daily life with a typical diet creates acid in your body. Things like stress, meat, caffeine, sugar, environmental CO2 and pesticides, and even exercise contribute to this.

Our bodies are designed to be slightly alkaline in order to maintain optimal health but normal lifestyle and day-to-day living make it difficult to stay optimally alkaline. When there are even slight deviations in the body’s pH level, things like inflammation, chronic pain, discomfort, brittle bones and teeth, and skin issues develop. Your organs store excess reserves of alkalinity and your body naturally pulls on these reserves to get back to slightly alkaline but this can only go on for so long, the body is taxed and acid begins to accumulate. Eventually disorders and conditions like lack of energy, constant fatigue, recurring infections, depressive tendencies and nervousness, frequent headaches, stomach acid, gastritis, ulcers, acidosis and even cancer may occur.

Even regimented people who maintain a good diet of green vegetables with zero sugar and caffeine can find it difficult to maintain an optimal pH level.

Why? Hydrochloric acid in the stomach diminishes the efficacy of what’s ingested. So for even the most committed, clean eating and drinking will not quickly or dramatically shift the pH of your body.


pHB is a breakthrough because it can withstand stomach acid to maintain its potency so the body metabolizes it through the digestive system to quickly raise the pH level to one that is optimally alkaline. No other product on the market can make this claim or help the body reach slight alkalinity with quick and lasting results.

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