May 6, 2020|Immune System

Recent months have proven that the value of a strong immune system cannot be overrated.
The main function of your immune system is to identify hosts of invading particles through a complex network of antibodies, proteins, and specialized cells.
Even though you cannot see them, your cells have a big job to do, which is to keep your body healthy at all costs. How do they do this? By attacking and destroying foreign particles.
If one part of this process fails, your immune system is compromised and will fail to function properly.
It is just a matter of time before you will get sick.

CoronaVirus has been hurting us since the beginning of the year. It has not shown any sign of slowing down like many experts have predicted. We have to do something to protect ourselves and to each other.

Immunaide is made up of six herbs that work synergistically together to:
1. Nourish your kidneys
2. Support liver functions
3. Detoxify
4. Reduce inflammation
5. Promote a strong circulatory system

Now, more than ever, building a strong immune system is key to preventing disease. Call us to learn more about Immunaide. We’re happy to answer your questions! (713) 776-3442 ask Tammy