Your skeletal system is continually remodeling itself. Old bones are resorbed and new bones are formed. Because of this, bone health is important for both adults and children.

Did you know that Bone Density is a reference of how much calcium and other minerals exist in a section of your bone? In adulthood, between 25-35, bone density is at its peak, but it decreases as we age. This not only affects your physiology, it also affects your physical appearance.

Your body can’t make its own calcium but is dependent on it to make and maintain healthy bones density. Calcium deficiency will result in weak bones your bones, which means they can break easily; and once they break, it is difficult to heal.

Throughout your life, and in particular as you age as an adult, your body needs calcium to keep your bones dense and strong.

VitaCa, an herbal compound that works in a unique dual action process.  VitaCa will not only supply the calcium you need but it will also help your body excrete the old bones, and bones you don’t need, like neck and heel spurs.

As years pass, facial bones lose volume, contributing to the appearance of aging. Here, CT images show the skull of a woman between the ages of 20 and 40 (left) and the skull of a woman over 65 (right). The bones of the older female show that her eye socket is larger, the angle of her lower jaw bone has dropped and the angle of her brow is reduced.

Young Female

Old Female

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